Death is not beautiful, it is ugly.

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HI my name is Kaushal Mandal. I am 24 years old and a computer science graduate. Coming from a middle-class family where we just think about going out but we won’t go and use the same amount to run our household stuff and call it savings.

But which I was going to change and currently I was studying graphics programming after completing it sky would be the limit for me as I was looking to make a career in game designing and animation.

But God wanted something else from me. For the last 3 months, I am just visiting hospitals on a daily basis to get treated but things are not working in a way it should have. First I was diagnosed with an ulcer which was normal according to what the doctor told me would be healed by the treatment.

But my mom did not believe that I had an ulcer. Her eyes were in deep fear. How could this happen to my son? I was also shocked that I was not drinking alcohol and I was not even smoking so why did it happen to me. But I was relieved that it was normal and that the medicine within the given time would heal it and I will be normal.

Days passed but there were no signs of recovery I was losing weight my digestion was worst but little hope that was alive in me was getting fit and going to work and making my family live like what I have dreamed all the time.

But when we went to the hospital again for a revisit with the ct scan report, the doctor told us to get tested and bring it at the time of the next visit. The doctor was shocked. At first he was normal that I had completed the course and he asked me for the reports I showed him. His smile changed into fear.

He soon told me to lie-down on the bed with my knees folded and pressed and checked my stomach if there was any pain and checked with my eyes and told me to open my mouth and told me to wake up and wait outside and while I was going out he told my mother to wait inside.

My mom came outside with eyes full red she was soon going to burst she ran down the stairs and started crying and I was clueless about what had happened to her what the doctor told her that made her cry in a way. I asked what happened, she held my hand tight and asked me to get the vehicle and we left for home with some new test given by the doctor.

At home, mom told my dad and my brother they all were shocked they came running at me I was watching a spiderman movie far from home. I watch it whenever I am stressed and Marvel universe movies are the best stress buster for me.

They sat near me and everyone was going to cry at any time. I asked what happened why everyone is here is something wrong and my dad hugged me tight suddenly and cried. Then I realized something was wrong and after googling about the test it came to be known as the cancer test. My world turned upside down. This was the day now everyone was running for me visiting every hospital meeting every doctor with just a hope to save me by death.

I have read somewhere that, death is beautiful but in my case, it turns to be ugly at this young age when I have not seen the world and have a family. They are killing themselves by not taking care of themselves and always thinking about me.

At last I just want to say one thing I would fight and be like a warrior.



hi my name is kaushal mandal help me reach my initial goal to buy a laptop to continue my work by donating

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