Having a gay friend won't make you a gay

This is the article which I always wanted to write and hence forth my story would be an eye opener for many others.

So usually after college I use to work as a part-time customer service agent and that was really hectic for me at first. I was new to the process and was not able to understand how to operate the system and handle the customer.

Than a guy senior to me he was roaming here and there I asked him for help regarding system and some basic queries, he answered everything professionally and I was able to operate the system properly.

From that day I use to seat beside him and ask him any queries regarding process and any technical challenges during calls.

We use to go breaks together and have some snacks, usually he use to pay and I had my lunch box with me which I use to carry daily to the work.

We became nice friends and everything was fine and one day I sawed him with a guy after logging out he was so close to him. I just said hello to him and took a walk till my home as it was walking distance from my office.

While I was walking through the streets he came with his bike and told me seat and I will drop you to the home. While we were towards my home he asked me.

Do you have any girlfriend?

I replied no.

Same question was asked from my end to him he replied he has boy friend and he is gay. I was quite for a moment and was happy he is living and doing what he likes.

Even he said his parents were okay with his relationship status they don't have any concern about his social life.

By the time my home came he dropped me and I said bye and left from there with few questions in my mind.

Everything was normal we use to sit and have lunchboxes and snack together and even today we are good friends.

So staying with him was same with staying with other guys it won't make me gay. If I want and it makes me happy than definitely I would but I am happy what I am and also I am happy for him.



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