Help me buy a laptop to continue on medium

So this photo was taken for my recent surgery that happened with my brother. The guy sitting wearing blue dress is me.

I survived the surgery and was admitted in the hospital for two long months.

Chances of me surviving the surgery was 70 percent and without surgery I would have died as doctors said.

But only good thing happened was that I survived the surgery and rest everything was bad. We had to take loans seek help from others to get myself treated.

After getting discharge from hospital this was first thing in my mind that how to clear the loans we have?

I was thinking to quit and end everything.

But I had been writing I thought to start it again but, I had no resources my laptop was broke not turning on. It again demotivated me but later I read an article about blogging online using mobile.

I thought of giving a try and used medium and quora as a platform to write for free and reach audiance. But it to had a catch medium was not having partner program for my country and quora was not inviting anyone.

So when life life gives you lemon make lemonade from it

This quote remind me about an alternative buy me a coffee to get donated for your work.

So I created one and here is the donate button



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Kaushal mandal

Kaushal mandal

hi my name is kaushal mandal help me reach my initial goal to buy a laptop to continue my work by donating