How overthinking almost killed me my career and my health.

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Hi, my name is Kaushal Mandal and I am 24 years old by date. Coming from a middle-class family background we had a mentality about thinking at least 10 times before buying anything or spending on any goods or products.

In my whole life till today I have not been to hotels with my family not even to movie theatres.

We Just have our Television for Sunday nights and mom cooks the same dinner on Sunday chicken masala with roti.

The main reason behind it was my dad used to work as a watchman because he was not educated, so not being qualified was not letting him find better-paying jobs. So we used to think before we spend at least 10 times.

The same applied to me but it was at an extreme level. So when I used to even eat food I used to think at least twice it is healthy or not and how much should I eat. Even I took it to an extreme level when my friends called me to come for a trip that time I use to think it is better to avoid going out and spending money, I will use that cash to buy something special and that to never happen.

Even I was confused with my career what to do and what would be the next step in my life I was not focused on one thing. While I was studying I used to think about youtube and making videos on it would make me famous and more income I would generate from it. While doing youtube I used to think doing blogging would help me become successful and also give me an opportunity to earn money and while doing blogging I used to think learning programming and coding would help me find a job as a software developer which would pay well.

The same overthinking killed my health. I am suffering from pancreas disease where my weight is falling rapidly and I am on medicine. But the extreme thinking is not stopping over here also, The diet given by the doctor and medicine given by the doctor should I follow or not I am thinking that now even at this critical time.

So this overthinking has ruined my life, my career, my health and I am still doing one thing right now thinking about avoiding the doctor visit because nothing is working well even there are no signs of recovery my weight which was around 76kg it has now dropped to 48kg within the span of two months.

My parents are not thinking to change the doctor and visit another doctor look they have the same habit actually it’s in our genes. Think ten times before doing anything. Now changing doctors would cost us more everything would start from fresh and Investigation would begin from scratch.

If this overthinking continues in our family and in my life mostly one thing only would happen and it would open my way to heaven. But to overcome this overthinking I am now taking some steps.

Steps to overcome the overthinking

So from now onwards I am believing in the treatment done by the doctor and following all the medications and diet given by the doctor and also I had started to write on online platforms such as vocal which even pays to you for writing content online using their platform which me making me think in a positive way that is If I write more I would earn more if I do overthink it would affect my health and I would not earn any money lose my precious time in thinking.

My dad has changed after I am getting treated he promised we would go to hotels to have dinner every month.

Now we are thinking about how to spend our remaining life and enjoy it rather than just thinking about it.



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Kaushal mandal

Kaushal mandal

hi my name is kaushal mandal help me reach my initial goal to buy a laptop to continue my work by donating