How overthinking made me a looser in my life

Hi my name is kaushal a computer science graduate, a 25 year old jobless who just survived a chronic disease. Which I have talked about in my another post you can find it and read it.

The main point today in this article is how overthinking made me a looser in my life and was not able to achieve things and finally was admitted in the hospital.

So this is me in 2022 after surgery just took a picture of me to check, I am same from the face and was shocked seeing that, it was me.

Literally the main reason behind the picture was this only and also the picture shot was good.

Now let’s go back when I was in my school not being financially strong our parents always did one thing before buying anything they would think atleast 5 to 6 times about it, then and than only they would buy it.

So this was clear that this habit was developed in me from by parents but it was at next level.

So for example if I am having something at breakfast, I would think that keeping it till lunch would be fine and at lunch I would keep it for dinner. Instead of having it at the same time.

This was just the start of the habbit and it began to get worse as it began rewarding, our parents use to cheer up for this saving habit.

From this it is clear it was developed from parents our parents and the rewarding thing made it to go the next level and worst was yet to come.

I was not able to decide whether to do it or not, even if I am trying to select a course I would think about other courses and job opportunities how much would I earn and job opportunities.

This happens with everyone but for me it turned to next level even if I am having milk, I searched what are adverse effect of drinking milk and would not drink.

This also happened with me even when I am drinking water is it good to drink now or I should wait until I have food. Or it can have some adverse effect on my health.

So inshort I was thinking a lot and also google searches made it worst for me. I used to also think if I walk on road something fell on me I would die. So I used to avoid going out.

Still I don't drive and don't know how to drive because when accidents happens person dies. So why to ride on bike stay at home and watch TV programs.

The reason I am at hospital and went for surgery due to my overthinking which is not hundred percent responsible but some percent is responsible.



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Kaushal mandal

Kaushal mandal

hi my name is kaushal mandal help me reach my initial goal to buy a laptop to continue my work by donating