How to get laptop from medium for free?

Hi my name is kaushal mandal a computer science graduate , 25 year old and crypto believer currently jobless.

So few months back I had to undergo a surgery which made me sit at home and rest for 6 months. But this was not the main point of this article.

The main point is how I am able to get free laptop using medium ?

I would come to that point also, after surgery was done I came to know about the loan my mom took get me treated. It was on heavy interest from friends and even finance companies.

The worst thing was yet to come. We were not able to pay the loan on time as it was more than our our family income by 30 to 40 percent. At this point I was trying to quit everything because I was feeling help less at this point.

But same day I was searching an alternate way to earn money online and found medium and it had something called medium partner program but my laptop was not functional and even for medium partner program my country was not eligible. It was sad.

Nothing to do nowhere to go that suddenly I read an post where a guy was making money from medium in the form of donation.

I was full of joy and soon went on buy me a coffee and signed up for an donation account.

This wasn’t it, I soon set a goal for me to buy a good laptop and start my podcast and youtube channel also through it.

So this is a way how medium audience can help me buy my laptop and continue my journey and make my helpless journey to be full of happiness.

Here is the link for donation



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Kaushal mandal

Kaushal mandal

hi my name is kaushal mandal help me reach my initial goal to buy a laptop to continue my work by donating