My dad begged for me

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Hello, my name is Kaushal Mandal, a computer science graduate, and a crypto believer. Let me help you out with my current situation. I have some issues with the pancreas which was earlier diagnosed as an ulcer and treatment was also carried for a month.

I have never drunk alcohol, not even tried smoking or even beer but looking at my situation I wish I had done all kinds of stuff. Now back to my ulcer treatment after 30 days we were told to come with a CT scan report and believe me it was a costly test as I am a student studying coding and programming and my dad works as a watchman at apartments his 80 percent salary goes for my investigation and testing not even for treatment.

Coming to the treatment that is yet to start, I took my ct scan reports with me. Soon after three weeks of treatment for the ulcer, I went to my doctor Varun Kandangle. He saw my reports and was shocked and told me to lie down on the bed. Soon after that, he asked me a few questions about whether I had some issue with my stomach. It was getting upset every time or what, was there any pain in my stomach before coming to the ulcer treatment.

I replied before it no but my stomach used to be upset once or twice in a month but soon after controlling the diet or visiting the local doctor would work and it used to get normal. That was when the movement doctor realized it was his mistake before doing treatment for an ulcer he needed to check with the CT scan reports and if there is any other issue lying down causing trouble with the stomach or not then proceed with the ulcer treatment.

He told me to go out and wait and told my mother to wait inside the clinic and instead of telling me his mistake he told my mom your son is in danger please get him treated at big hospitals. My mom asked why what happened to him?

The doctor hiding his mistake told my mom your son has cancer and chances are there it is serious and he tells us to do some tests which are more costly than my father’s whole yearly income. My mom with fear in her eyes was loaded with tears. She came outside and hugged me tightly.

That is the day when my mom told my dad that we are out of funds and need to check with someone who can help us. My dad is one of the strangest people on earth. If he is not having anything he would die rather than ask for any help from others. But my dad made me write a letter and he told me to write all this as he is not literate and that is the first time in his whole life he had begged for something and that too for his son. My dad has issues with his heart. He is almost 50 years old and on medicine and god only knows how we would manage it.

application for funds my phone gallery

But an update on the loan is not processed they want some guarantor who can say that if we run after taking the cash for the treatment guarantor would pay the whole cash with 5 percent interest within the given period and no one is believing looking at my condition that I would survive.

One last message from me to my life and the doctor it was my mistake that I came there for treatment or it was me being the only son in the family who wants to support his old parents with getting a good job. I don’t know, no one can answer this hope I will be alive and continue writing.

Pray for me.



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