My dad begged for my treatment to save me

Hi my name is kaushal a 25 year old jobless computer science graduate, recently I had a chronic surgery which was almost going to kill me but I survived.

So it all started up around December 2020 covid 19 thing was going and everyone were at their home. My parents went to village due to some emergency stuff related to grand parents.

At that time cooking was the main issue and I already had some problems with stomach it used to get upset if I had anything from outside.

Than I had some issue with the stomach some Malena shit came from my stool which worried me and from that day I started to loose weight day by day. If felt something was wrong in me but I was not able to sort it out. Went to some B.A.M.S doctor he gave me medicine and told to have normal diet and avoid eating nonveg and spicy food.

So I followed the diet for 3 months and my parents to arrived from village and they bought covid 19 with them and everyone was infected even me and my dad had developed pneumonia it was serious. By the time we were isolated and everything was back on track leaving my health.

Went to gastroenterology doctor with my mom he told to do some tests which were costly and being from poor middle class we can't afford it.

But doctor told my mom I am having some chronic disease which would kill me within 6 months and I have less time. She started to panic and called everyone shew knew to get some financial help and get the test done.

But no signs of success she had not told about this to my father but atlast she had to tell him. She was avoiding it because he had some health issue like blood pressure and sugar and even hypertension.

As she told to my father about my health we need to take a costly treatment and we are out of cash and no signs of getting help.

He to panicked and went to every door and cried, some people are this mad they always told come next day and were not understanding how bad situation we were in.

He finally wrote an application to an organization for help so that they gave us some money and we are able get treated. But the process was also very long at first they were just asking my dad to go here and here. But were not approving the loan.

But my dad went empty stomach to every door to just get the loan approved as you can see in the above application written by me as he is not educated.

Finally we got the loan and my treatment started but we were again out of cash because the testing were so costly, again we were at a void place with nothing left. But something happened which you can find in my next article.



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Kaushal mandal

Kaushal mandal

hi my name is kaushal mandal help me reach my initial goal to buy a laptop to continue my work by donating