Things I learn late in my life and would help you

Hi my name is kaushal mandal a computer science graduate currently jobless.

Few weeks back I had to go under a surgery it was necessary for me to survive as I had some stricture in my duodenum and pancreas has some sought of tumor.

But surgery went well and I was on bed rest. So there was problem with money, I had no money to even recharge my mobile and use online ways quora and medium to atleast earn money from them using donate method.

So I asked my friend to send just less than a dollar for me to recharge my mobile and he also knew I was at my bad times and went under surgery.

But the answer he gave to me was no. He don’t have that much money. He is graduate he works at well place. He does party every weekd and has burgers and pizza every week.

But the answer he gave me no, life thought me one big lesson never beg from known people for help always ask from unknown people. They would help or say no but you won’t feel bad after they deny for helping.

If the guy is your friend and you to have helped him in his bad times but when he denies you are broked.

My dream is to buy a laptop which I can use to learn coding and run a podcast, and earn some money and support my family and even my expenses.

You all are unknown for me I won’t feel bad even your upvote counts and if you can please donate something help me link



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Kaushal mandal

Kaushal mandal

hi my name is kaushal mandal help me reach my initial goal to buy a laptop to continue my work by donating