Why are we just watching Russia invading Ukraine

There are many reasons why we are watching Russia invading Ukraine.


I think the west which was considering itself as a super power putin proved them wrong. As west depends on oil and natural gas imports from Russia.

Second is nato

As west was trying to make Ukraine part of nato which was bringing nato towards border of Russia. Due security reasons and a famous un law where a country can attack neighboring country if their people ask for it.

Third and most important

It exports oil, guns, defense equipment to other countries. So one want their relationship go wrong with Russia.

Fourth Shift of power

There is huge shift of power from west to Asia. Russia to has friends in Asia such as India and China. I dont need to explain what impact they are doing on world. Russia having them beside is single handedly winning the ming game.

Fifth no one wants to start world war.

If one country comes to save for no reason it would let their other allies to come fall in between to save them and which is turn would start the world war 3.

I think this are few reasons why no one is coming in between if you have more reasons than please comment down below so I can add it.



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